Z is a character based off of Tumblr user nathan-z-wolf, a friend and contributor to the Hazards community, created by Hiiragi Wasabi. Z is a sub-main character in the story. Z is one of the last known of his kind, the Wolfric, after Celestials came and eradicated most of the known Wolfric.

Nathan "Z" Korfic
General information
Class Whitefang
Primary Weapon XRX Dagger
Race Wolfric
Auretic colour Unknown
Element Earth
Auretic tier Unknown
Age Unknown
Planet of origin Earth, Wolfric Village
Physical attributes
Height 173 cm
Weight 62 kg

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Abilities Edit

Hazard DND:

Shadow step: On Wolfric familiar terrain, sand, clay or earth soils, you can shape and distort dust, soil or sand into a cloak; this will give you advantage on stealth and sleight of hand and give you double speed.

LEVEL 3: This lasts for 2 turns.

LEVEL 6: This lasts for 3 turns, and upon rolling a crit, Z can do this again.

LEVEL 9: Pick another terrain of your choice.

LEVEL 15: Z can cloak a friend

LEVEL 20: choose -Vita lean: Heal for a d10 + wis or Ignis lean: Roll an extra d10 worth of damage upon a surprise

Every 5 levels after: Pick a terrain, another person can be cloaked. You gain your con + 2 worth of armour while you are cloaked.